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Lucie Černá

Redaktorkou serveru se stala na konci roku 2007, když předtím pracovala dva roky jako redaktorka regionálního čtrnáctideníku. Vystudovala Žurnalistiku na FSV UK v Praze, kde také později absolvovala obor Mediální studia. Dosud publikovala nebo stále ještě publikuje na portálu či a spolupracuje rovněž s e-zinem nebo Baví ji kultura, sport, fotografování, cestování a vše kolem gastronomie.

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Office work is not worry about

Office work is not worry about

Trip to the employment office may not particularly popular for leisure…

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Open Day at PEF MENDELU Added:6.2. 2014 11:17


One of the three top business universities in the Czech Republic (at least according to „ladder HN newspaper“: http: //vysokeskoly­.cz/clanek/nej­lepsi-ekonomii-najdete-na-fakulte-socialnich-ved), „Business and Economics fakulta“:…cka-fakulta/#/q/ „Mendel University in Brno“: http: //­soke-skoly/mendelova-univerzita-v-brne/, exposing the ears and eyes of the…

The Special Branch: Andragogy Added:8.1. 2014 8:14

The Special Branch: Andragogy

Andragogy is becoming increasingly popular science and also finds its place in higher education. It is a discipline that deals with adult education and all that goes with it. (Article was updated on the 24th 11th, 2009)

Open Days at MENDELU Added:5.1. 2014 7:21

Open Days at MENDELU

Prospective students on „Mendel University in Brno“: http: //­soke-skoly/mendelova-univerzita-v-brne/ (Mendel) have these days with the possibility for this school personally go and meet not only with its environment and interior, but also with teachers, students, and of course, especially with everything that is associated with the study. This includes information on admission…

The Special Branch: tutoring Added:26.11. 2013 7:37

The Special Branch: tutoring

The personality of each of us in shaping our lives not only the environment in which they operate, but also people with whom we interact frequently. Those certainly are our family, friends, teachers, educators also need different types of school, leisure or social facilities. And courses aimed at educators can now imagine.

Tests on the horizon? Start preparing in time - perhaps to rate Added:29.10. 2013 6:51

Tests on the horizon? Start preparing in time - perhaps to rate

If you feel that in testing on high, there is still plenty of time, do not be fooled – it runs like water. Now the prospect of several months in testing often leads to the fact that candidates then solves the same preparation at the last minute. There is a certain discipline of learning but you can force necessary preparatory course.

The Special Field: Humanities Added:8.10. 2013 7:27

The Special Field: Humanities

The Faculty of Humanities, students often report, for which the physics and chemistry remain eternal taboo, or those who can not decide, and then choose „generic“ way. What we actually require study of the humanities faculties? (Article was updated 23rd 11th 2009)

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