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Lucie Černá

Redaktorkou serveru se stala na konci roku 2007, když předtím pracovala dva roky jako redaktorka regionálního čtrnáctideníku. Vystudovala Žurnalistiku na FSV UK v Praze, kde také později absolvovala obor Mediální studia. Dosud publikovala nebo stále ještě publikuje na portálu či a spolupracuje rovněž s e-zinem nebo Baví ji kultura, sport, fotografování, cestování a vše kolem gastronomie.

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Year zero - one of missed opportunities for Added:24.9. 2013 3:15

Year zero - one of missed opportunities for

Year zero is a general term covering all the preparatory courses for přijímačkám, but also the subsequent study of a selected field in college. This preparation may take place either on campus, to which he would like the trainee in the future sign, or within any of the commercial courses educational agencies. Offer foundation years is now very broad.

Student account: which is best for you? Added:15.8. 2013 7:43

Student account: which is best for you?

The transition from high school to college brings many new responsibilities and experience. We often hear about „building on its own feet“ and they think that "try to make ends meet myself! With this task we can help. Consult our list of student accounts and learn what to watch out for.

Experience abroad - a big bonus in my pocket Added:11.6. 2013 11:39

Experience abroad - a big bonus in my pocket

Spend part of their studies abroad, whether for study or work placement is still an attractive option as you make special student years, to gain the necessary experience and strengthen knowledge of a foreign language. The following article will focus on the work stays on and where to find the right one.

COMPARISON OF SUBJECTS: Tourism Added:21.5. 2013 7:23


Despite the ongoing economic crisis, tourism remains an important field, which is reflected not only in economics, but also transport, environment, regional development and of course in individual leisure activities. Students of this field and have a very wide range of applications. See where everywhere and how the industry Tourism study. (First article was updated on the 12th, 2009)

COMPARISON OF COURSES: Special Education Added:2.5. 2013 6:37


What is the mission of the study of special education is evident at first glance: the field, which not only prepares students to work in the field of education, with the greatest emphasis is placed on the education of individuals with special educational needs as well. (Article was updated on the 30th 11th, 2009)

Office work is not worry about Added:11.4. 2013 7:18

Office work is not worry about

Trip to the employment office may not particularly popular for leisure activities, but it is good to know that, although not mandatory, is in many ways beneficial. The following article will advise you what to do when you have just left school – either medium or high – and yet you search for the labor market.

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