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Lucie Králíková

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How to teach after twenty years Added:3.12. 2007 7:37

How to teach after twenty years

Thinking that you signed up for „peďák“? After the experiences of beginning teachers can get acquainted with the views of her more experienced colleague. Mrs. Blanka Králíková teaches twentieth already eight years and Czech citizenship. She told us about the joys and pitfalls of the profession, about what your school does not prepare as well as an interval of years, satisfied with their profession.

SERVICE FOR MATURANT Added:23.11. 2007 7:30


The time remaining until the receipt of applications for university, is running out. Many graduates are only now is starting to seriously think about what the school actually intend to continue their studies. Right now you can decide next year whether he will happily rub your hand or your thinking repeat. Nepíchejte pencil on the list of schools and proceed with caution.

Day of Science at universities in Prague Added:19.11. 2007 7:38

Day of Science at universities in Prague

Want to know what working in the field of science and research? Would you like to talk with scientists from the universities of Prague and learned about the results of their research? All this allows you to Scientia Pragensis – Science Day, which will begin on 30 November 2007 at the premises of the University of Economics in Prague. The event is to bring science to the general public and…

National comparative test and the University of South Bohemia Added:18.11. 2007 3:33

National comparative test and the University of South Bohemia

The Faculty of Science University of South Bohemia in the Czech Budějovice Now you can get on the general study of the test assumptions. Candidates for the study of biology, Environmental Care, Biomedical laboratory technology, and Biological Chemistry (Biological Chemistry) in the admission process for the academic year 2008/2009 will be able to choose how to fold the entrance exam. Can either…

Lifelong learning Added:14.11. 2007 3:12

Lifelong learning

High school is from that, we learn something and get a diploma. Even so, it could be simplified, as is generally known about this educational institution. It would be a mistake, however. Most schools offer a program of lifelong learning, which allows you to deepen knowledge in a shorter time than classical studies.

The Special Field: Sociology Added:9.11. 2007 7:03

The Special Field: Sociology

This time we will introduce a field which has a relatively wide range of applications. Perhaps you've ever met theorem, that sociology is „the science of society“. There's nothing wrong with that, but honestly – can you imagine anything under that specific? Note: Article updated third 12th 2009 (-pel-)

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