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Andrea Nosková

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The Special Study: Social Pedagogy

The Special Study: Social Pedagogy

Social education is becoming increasingly skloňovaným term, but few of us…

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Yu inaugurates new faculty Added:15.10. 2009 7:02

Yu inaugurates new faculty

** On 13th October 2009 ** will be held from 9:30 inauguration of new, eighth University of South Bohemia in the Czech Budejovice. ** Faculty of Fisheries and Water Protection ** (FROV JU) was established in Vodnany merger of the Department of Fisheries, Faculty of Agriculture JU and Research Institute of Fishery and Hydrobiology Vodnany (RIFCH) as of 1 September 2009. Base made up by the faculty…

WebExpo 2009 Added:14.10. 2009 5:18

WebExpo 2009

All web enthusiasts and fans of computers and the Internet waiting on the 16th ** – 18 10th 2009 ** second annual conference of the largest Czech Web WebExpo 2009 **. ** During the event, you can visit the training lectures in Czech and English (with translation) to take advantage of student discounts and advance sales, and learn information from a number of new interesting people. You can look…

The Special Branch: Protection of public health Added:27.9. 2009 7:50

The Special Branch: Protection of public health

This time we will talk more about the field that combines biology, chemistry, medicine, epidemiology, and especially hygiene. Learn what must such „protectionist public health“ to know and what his job is and what school can for my future career to choose.

Public lectures on "MatFyzu" Added:26.9. 2009 7:27

Public lectures on "MatFyzu"

Institute of Theoretical Physics Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University in Prague, held this year in collaboration with the Department for External Relations and the promotion of Charles University in a series of lectures on modern physics. The common theme of all lectures for this fall is a dead end ** Inspirational development of physics **. ** Every second Thursday from 18:00…

Which (field) is right for me? Added:25.9. 2009 7:01

Which (field) is right for me?

How do I know this just bring me what I expect from him? I give advice to parents, or to make decisions according to their own desires? Listen to reason, heart or voice? It will bring me luck this connection? Does the future? I have to go out there, or better wait? Find the ideal field for himself does not really have to be light …

Festival of Creative Writing at the Faculty of Education MU Added:22.9. 2009 7:43

Festival of Creative Writing at the Faculty of Education MU

Department of Primary Education Pedagogical Faculty of Masaryk University in Brno, holds its second annual festival of creative writing and „Storytelling“, which is called ** We, You, They **. 2009 Visitors can participate in interesting workshops and lectures as well as present their own creations as well as the lay jury. This year will be held on 9th ** – 10 October 2009 **. The festival is…

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