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Andrea Nosková

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COMPARISON OF SUBJECTS: Ethnology Added:23.5. 2008 7:52


Ethnology Czech ears sounds attractive, almost adventurous. In the Czech Republic is also possible to study only in two places. What can you expect from the studio? Running for monitoring forest and the natives? Or visit the Czech folklore events? The following overview will help you find your way. Note: Article was updated on 12 11th 2009 (-bel-)

Records began in post-secondary language courses Added:22.5. 2008 7:02

Records began in post-secondary language courses

You know already that you do not want to after graduating high school? Or you've missed enough to prepare for entrance exams and do not like losing a valuable year? The solution can be post-secondary language course for one academic year in which you can enroll today. Courses have taken the form of an intense morning training (about 20 hours per week) in small groups. After completing the course…

Erasmus - the more reason to go to college Added:9.5. 2008 7:49

Erasmus - the more reason to go to college

Everyone talks about it. It is becoming increasingly popular, even about it spins and movies, is a student of modern life. Everyone would have said it at least once during the study to try. Mediates the experience of a lifetime, brings invaluable experience and it's all paid for from another pocket. What do you understand under this project and how it could pave the way?

University or college? What's the difference? Added:2.1. 2008 7:45
Updated:14.12. 2012 9:00

University or college? What's the difference?

Dear graduates, within two months you should be clear in the completed application forms. In search of suitable subjects you may have started to waver between the high (university) and higher professional school (college). We will review the advantages and disadvantages of studies on these two institutions.

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