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Create a poster for the Researchers' Night 2009! Added:18.9. 2009 7:08

Create a poster for the Researchers' Night 2009!

European Commission initiative „Researchers in Europe“ (Researches in Europe) has organized the fifth year of entertainment for the public, which bears the name of the Researchers' Night ** **. Events are held throughout Europe on the 25th September and their aim is to present science as a personal, human and interesting discipline devoid of prejudice. For this year's annual Night of scientists…

Manuals for freshmen Added:6.9. 2009 7:11

Manuals for freshmen

Freshmen at each university to become its confusing and endless wandering queries favorite target of jokes and „brakes“ in the study department. If you are this year to a group of „wannabes“ and would like to avoid unnecessary problems, make sure you look around for guides designed specifically for you. Here are the basic overview.

COMPARISON OF SUBJECTS: Veterinary courses Added:24.8. 2009 7:09

COMPARISON OF SUBJECTS: Veterinary courses

In childhood we are all probably at least while dreaming of a vet profession – to heal leg neighbor girls, chatting with the birds as Arabella or heal a riding horse. Those who went after his dream relentlessly, already know that it is not no fairy tale job. Difficulty studies is accountability, which must vet every day on my shoulders to bear.

Competition for internship in California Added:16.8. 2009 7:48

Competition for internship in California

AVG Technologies offers students of universities and colleges in the Czech and Slovak Republic the opportunity to participate in the competition for internships in California ** **. The winner will be able in 2010 to test three practices in the California branch of AVG Technologies in Silicon Valley. The competition can log work on any topic in IT security. It can be a seminar or thesis. The…

Studying at university will help to find temporary jobs? Added:15.8. 2009 7:32

Studying at university will help to find temporary jobs?

As you can read on our website and to convince themselves in practice, this year brigádníkům definitely want this. People are still looking for experienced, sophisticated and capable. wonder if they find casual work easier undergraduates. And if so, what benefits them in this case study provides?

Photo Competition Imagine a new world Added:14.8. 2009 7:57

Photo Competition Imagine a new world

The European Commission launched the European Year of Creativity and Innovation 2009 photo contest with a poetic name ** Imagine a new world **. Participation in the competition is not limited by age, ethnicity or gender, the only requirement is a resident in the member or candidate countries. Theme images is quite large: images can be inspired by cultural diversity, education and creativity in…

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