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Andrea Nosková

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The experience in Peru! Added:7.8. 2009 7:23

The experience in Peru!

Neurological Center near Lima, the capital of South American Peru ** looking for volunteers from around the world **. Medical education is not required. Volunteers should primarily care for children with Down syndrome or autism, to play with them and help them. As a non-profit organization, no paid work. Volunteers will be rewarded with a four-week stay in an exotic land, improving Spanish and a…

Meetings of young project managers Added:5.8. 2009 7:32

Meetings of young project managers

After the success of last year's first organized „group of young project managers“: at ACSA also this year an international meeting of young project managers, which carries the official name ** 2009 * Friendly Project *. The theme this year is professional development and personal growth of young project manager. Prerequisite knowledge of the English…

A new study at the Faculty of Arts University of West Bohemia Added:3.8. 2009 8:34

A new study at the Faculty of Arts University of West Bohemia

Zápodočeské Faculty of Arts University in Pilsen opens this new two-year follow-up master study Sociology **. ** It is intended primarily for those interested from among graduates of undergraduate social science disciplines. The study should focus on theoretical knowledge of modern societies and improving the methodological skills. Admission is successfully a written entrance exam. The test can…

The Special Branch: Restoration Added:28.7. 2009 7:00

The Special Branch: Restoration

When you walk around the ancient buildings and statues, watching with amazement century frescoes and paintings in a museum or marvel at the rare manuscripts, you might think of how much work must be keeping a salvaging of such gems. That's right – the restoration of the mission is really intended just the chosen few. Note: Article was updated on 25 11th 2009th

Dodatačné admissions at the University of Ostrava Added:24.7. 2009 7:11

Dodatačné admissions at the University of Ostrava

Přírodovovědecká Faculty University of Ostrava announces second round of admission to some newly-accredited bachelor's degree dvouoborového fields in combined form. It is a combination of these fields: Biology ** ** ** ** Physics, Mathematics ** ** ** ** Chemistry and Informatics **. ** If the number of applicants exceed capacity possibilities of the faculty, it will not take the entrance…

The second round of admission to the University of South Bohemia Added:22.7. 2009 7:00

The second round of admission to the University of South Bohemia

University of South Bohemia in the Czech Budejovice lists for certain fields of the second round of recruitment. The Faculty of Education with a bachelor's degree program ** ** Specialization in Pedagogy of the combinations: Mathematics – Natural Science, Mathematics – Physics, Mathematics – Social Sciences, Mathematics – Technical Education, Mathematics – information technology, physics –…

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