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Andrea Nosková

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Summer School Faculty of Social Studies Added:20.7. 2009 7:00

Summer School Faculty of Social Studies

Department of Political Science Faculty of Social Studies at Masaryk University in Brno organizes a summer school aimed at answering the question: ** How to research in the social sciences? ** Attendance at this school can help in writing a thesis, conducting research, writing technical papers and grant applications . The course is 1,000 CZK and is rated 5 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System).…

Travel until we are young! Added:17.7. 2009 2:50

Travel until we are young!

The following article is intended for all those interested in travel, who prefer organized expeditions, but still looking boring „classics“ and not at all overpriced offerings. We introduce you to several travel agencies and offices, which attract mainly young customers in an unconventional route plans and student discounts.

COMPARISON OF COURSES: Musical drama Added:6.7. 2009 7:48


Musical drama is rapidly growing and increasingly attractive field. Nevertheless, the possibility to study it in high school are not large. For this reason, we make an exception this time and are also courses you can study and the specialized high schools and conservatories.

Summer School on technical BUT for everyone Added:6.7. 2009 7:22

Summer School on technical BUT for everyone

Faculty of Civil Engineering, Brno University of Technology, held under the auspices of the Dean of the ten-day Summer technical school ** **. It is intended primarily for those who have been admitted at the Technical University and a technical school and would like to deepen the secondary curriculum and better prepare for future study. Participate but they also combined program students and the…

The new building CTU: The foundation stone Added:4.7. 2009 7:46

The new building CTU: The foundation stone

** On 30th 6th 2009 ** at 16:00 was solemnly laid the foundation stone of the building CTU ** New **. It is the largest construction investment in universities over the past 25 years. The building will serve students of science and especially to future architects, who must now study the dispersion in different places. The new building will cost in the existing campus in Prague – Dejvice, near the…

2nd round the entrance to the University Added:2.7. 2009 9:28

2nd round the entrance to the University

University of Economics in Prague will be the second issue round of proceedings on the field ** Enterprise Information Systems (PIS) ** in the three-year Bachelor of Applied Science degree program. Entries in the first round could be sent to 30 6th 2009 deadline to 2 round the entrance is set on the 31st ** 8th 2009 **. The entrance examination will be held in September. For details, see „here“:…

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