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Summer jobs abroad?

Summer jobs abroad?

Each of us knows someone who has this year enjoyed a glass of apricot in…

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Masaryk University has a new rector Added:27.4. 2004 9:12

Masaryk University has a new rector

Exactly a week lasted kuloární uncertainty and debate about the new Rector of Masaryk University in Brno. After voting last week, the Academic Senate of a quorum was not achieved 24 votes necessary for election of the Rector, on Monday held the third round of President's e­lection. The winner with the number of votes became the 27 current Dean of the Faculty of Social Studies prof. PhDr. Petr Fiala. PhD.

Masaryk University Rector's Choice: Added:22.4. 2004 12:37

Masaryk University Rector's Choice:

During Monday's election of a new rector of Masaryk University in Brno (MU) were both at first and in the second round of voting two cast invalid votes. It was the votes of the representatives of the Student Chamber of the Academic Senate (AS) George Nantl from the Faculty of Social Studies and Erika Cahy Faculty of Science. Questions concerning the termination of mandates as well as the senatorial election atmosphere reigning in the academic community answered him Deputy Higher Education Council section. George Nantl.

Rector's unsuccessful choice: Added:20.4. 2004 10:59

Rector's unsuccessful choice:

Academic Senate of Masaryk University in Monday's election of a new Rector could not choose one candidate. After Mgr. Vaclav Line gave up his candidacy for the post of head of the University professors applying only Fiala and Wechsler. Name the winner could be known as early as next Monday, which will host the third ballot of the Senate.

In Graz you learn how to cook scientifically Added:19.4. 2004 12:26

In Graz you learn how to cook scientifically

Summer school is not just a collection of exclusive-looking courses in areas such as crisis management, business English, or the current problems of the European Union. Karl Franz University in Graz this year came with an interesting innovation – scientific look behind the scenes cooking.

Austrians want to speak Czech Added:17.4. 2004 12:15

Austrians want to speak Czech

English Today, everyone can. With the EU expanding slowly but Europeans coming to the taste of the Slavic languages. Especially in Austria of Slavic Studies Institutes are experiencing an unexpected interest in his subjects.

Lord of the Rings 4: Added:7.4. 2004 12:00

Lord of the Rings 4:

Not only Czech students disagree with the redistribution of money in the school department. Last Friday took to the streets and the Viennese students protested against the enforcement of the Action Plan, which the author is the rector of Vienna University, Georg Winckler.

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