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PEER: Added:1.4. 2004 12:43


Europe is increasingly feeling pressure from the American educational system. An MA from behind the arrival of the Atlantic is as loud as the names of local colleges. Now, Europe Strikes Back.

Deváťáci planted cannabis in school Added:27.3. 2004 12:39

Deváťáci planted cannabis in school

Although students from the elementary school near Rýmařov was more of a joke, not to avoid punishment. Deváťáci is the hour of production work together with the tomatoes planted and five cannabis plants.

Erasmus Mundus Added:24.3. 2004 12:35

Erasmus Mundus

After Europe to cut subsidies to the well-known and popular among students mobility Socrates / Erasmus is the world's new Erasmus Mundus scholarship.

Masaryk University Rector elected Added:3.3. 2004 12:40

Masaryk University Rector elected

The term of the present Rector of Masaryk University in Brno (MU) Zlatuška George is coming to an end. Starting next semester, going on to his place one of the three candidates who will be elected by the Academic Senate of MU on April 19.

The student was an attack on a teacher's deranged Added:18.2. 2004 4:00

The student was an attack on a teacher's deranged

Assault Hradec university educator John Laška likely to remain unpunished. Twenty-year political science student, Martin Jelinek, who to love, in December last year, attacked with a baseball bat, according to the opinion of doctors in his insane act.

College planning further protests Added:17.2. 2004 12:28

College planning further protests

After the December protest marches going to university students and their teachers a new wave of actions, which they point out the lack of financing higher education sector.

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