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In proposing a new education law will deal with government Added:13.2. 2004 2:02

In proposing a new education law will deal with government

Deputy Prime Minister Petr Mares and Minister of Education Petra Buzkova completed negotiations on a new Education Act. As expected, there was no consensus on all points, the question of tuition fees in higher vocational schools and kindergartens last year resolved to lead a coalition government.

Cake for Rector Added:10.2. 2004 11:43

Cake for Rector

In late January, the Austrian students decided to donate a cake Vienna University Rector Georg Winckler, and in the face.

Austrian art student protests continue Added:8.12. 2003 1:17

Austrian art student protests continue

Once a student of the Vienna University for Applied Arts (Universität für Angewandte Kunst) last week draped forty sites in the city center, took place at night from Sunday to Monday a new protest.

Students draped monument Added:7.12. 2003 9:52

Students draped monument

Not only Czech students rebelling against the lack of funding for universities. Last week took to the streets of the capital of Austria University commercial art students (Universität für Angewandte Kunst) and draped forty monuments of Vienna's Ringstras­se.

Austrian Youth launched a campaign for women's rights Added:19.11. 2003 3:35

Austrian Youth launched a campaign for women's rights

On Tuesday 18 November started the Association of Socialist Youth of Austria (Sozialistische Jugend Österreichs – SJO) has a new campaign to promote the development of „women's policy“ is why we called feminists! (Deshalb sind wir FeministInnen!).

Socrates: Added:3.11. 2003 1:59


Austrian students are dissatisfied. Following the extended network of partner universities within the European Socrates declined financial grants. In practice this means that this scholarship can travel more Austrian students, but with a monthly grant of an average of 60 Euro less.

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