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Sport at University

Sport at University

This article attempts to briefly bring sporting opportunities and…

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Extending the range of Bachelor degree programs Added:7.10. 2003 7:39

Extending the range of Bachelor degree programs

In connection with the upcoming accession to the European Union will in the coming years, changes in the structure of teaching in higher education. Much of the school will replace the current five-year master cycle known as a structured program of study. The result will be to extend the range of Bachelor degree programs, thereby increasing the number of college-educated population …

Current Issues (media) culture Added:7.10. 2003 10:03

Current Issues (media) culture

Semester of this year saw the home department of media studies and journalism at FSS MU appreciable loss. After four semesters, the students said goodbye to offer the course „Current problems of media culture.“ Guarantor of the course and the organizer was Dr. Navratilova, who filled him with visits to people and institutions of the most illustrious names. The editors cite two examples visit Mlada fronta Dnes and closely watched meeting with the Iraq war correspondent Francis Šulc.

Freshman Review Added:23.7. 2003 10:37

Freshman Review

Tramtadadá, tramtadadáá, I got it for me! Examination period has ended, holidays started. In total I have two semesters of first year studies at the Faculty of Social Studies 21 courses visited, passed 4 exams, got 15 credits, for which I received over 90kreditů …

A second chance in Liberec Added:17.7. 2003 7:46

A second chance in Liberec

Technical University of Liberec, namely the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Textile announced an alternative date of recruitment. Applications should be sent to 8 August at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, 15 August at the Faculty of Textile …

Charging for study at Slovak postponed Added:5.7. 2003 2:17

Charging for study at Slovak postponed

Since January 2004, the Slovak Republic should be a new Law on Higher Education. The amendment is the introduction of tuition fees of 6 to 12,000 Slovak crowns.

Student Movement for the third time - an interview with V. Pioreckým Added:11.5. 2003 10:39

Student Movement for the third time - an interview with V. Pioreckým

Our series of mapping the student movement in the continuing real gems. The third installment is finally is, wonder of wonders, the student movement with all the trimmings. Student initiative is based in Brno, in fall 1997 called the Independent Social Ecological Movement, or NESEHNUTÍ. We bring you an exclusive interview with one of its activists, media otřelým Viktor Pioreckým.

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