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The new school year is here Added:5.9. 2004 3:01

The new school year is here

So we started a new school year. Absolute prvňáčci, namely those who went to first grade the first time (there is again a little less), have completed the first three days.

A slightly different graduation Added:7.7. 2004 12:11

A slightly different graduation

Members approved a new Education Act, which also includes the transformation of graduation. It will have two parts to the grammar schools will be added to the compulsory subjects of mathematics graduation.

Education Act proceed to third reading Added:25.6. 2004 12:14

Education Act proceed to third reading

The new draft education law passed in the House in third reading, then the final approval stage. Yet there still remains many uncertainties and questions remain – such as mandatory school-leaving certificate in mathematics at high schools, home schooling or tuition fees in higher vocational schools. Members would have had to decide in coming days.

The Slovak Republic will not apply to: Added:21.6. 2004 12:20

The Slovak Republic will not apply to:

Until recently it appeared that the Slovak undergraduates will pay for the study. Parliament but did not release the bill on student loans in the second round and the introduction of tuition fees and delays.

Tricks and tips for traveling Added:18.6. 2004 10:09

Tricks and tips for traveling

Few people traveling to spend a lot of money, but unfortunately, it happens. Sometimes just because we do not know how and where to save. The Internet is an endless font of advice, tips and tricks for traveling, and when one looks for, finds and priceless advice. Most of this is reflected in the fares and accommodation.

The third compulsory subject at GCSE Added:11.6. 2004 9:51

The third compulsory subject at GCSE

The Education Committee of the Chamber of Deputies proposed that the mandatory graduated from secondary schools of mathematics. At other schools, however, third subject students will be able to choose themselves, a common part of the new GCSE will be examined only from the Czech and foreign language.

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