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Michaela Rýgrová

Archive of articles

University degree and in higher vocational schools Added:9.6. 2004 9:26

University degree and in higher vocational schools

Students who get to college, they still have a chance to reach higher education. Some of the higher vocational schools is in cooperation with universities offering a bachelor's degree program or follow-up study, where they can get a bachelor's degree.

Tuition approved the Slovak Republic Added:28.5. 2004 1:22

Tuition approved the Slovak Republic

The Slovak government approved a draft law on the introduction of tuition fees at universities. The House would this proposal, which should take effect from January next year, should get probably in June.

Scholarship from the Oscars Added:14.5. 2004 2:58

Scholarship from the Oscars

Oskar scholarship, as the name suggests, gives Oskar, one of the mobile operators on the Czech market. Support, which can reach up to 18 000 crowns a month, is designed for university students who wish to develop, they want to realize their projects and take advantage of advice and facilities professionals in the Research and Development Centre at the Technical University in Prague (also RDC – Research and Development Center).

Graduation for me, graduation in front of me Added:14.5. 2004 10:40

Graduation for me, graduation in front of me

The first graduation week is coming to an end. He brought much joy, perhaps a few disappointments, but mostly a lot of stress. The entire editorial recalls his own battle for the GED and wants to light all the questions and benevolent teacher. Those who have already passed the test of adulthood, many congratulations!

Czechs on the podium: Added:8.4. 2004 12:00

Czechs on the podium:

Even this year's competition is Euromanager medal for the Czech Republic. A team of graduates from the Department of Economics, Management and Humanities Faculty of Electrical Engineering Technical University took third place.

Student fares from September 2004 to stage Added:2.4. 2004 12:49

Student fares from September 2004 to stage

Payment of travel allowances will replace the September student fares. Applying to both the rail and a regular bus transport.

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