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Entrance exams for high Added:6.6. 2007 6:46

Entrance exams for high

Today they are the exception rather than the oral entrance exams, but you must pass them interested in all areas where it is necessary to determine the communication requirements of the student and a genuine interest in the chosen field. For example, applicants can not pass up the study of marketing communication, journalism, education or psychology. For your oral entrance exams go smoothly, we have prepared some useful tips that you can throw in an interview.

Entrance exams for high Added:21.5. 2007 6:30

Entrance exams for high

Entrance exams varies from school to school. To do this you at the entrance, whether high or higher vocational school, they succeeded, but not enough to superior knowledge and good preparation, but is also an important test of the organization. Therefore, we have prepared some useful tips that could help you to better outcome.

Started GCSE Added:21.5. 2007 8:46

Started GCSE

Starting today, starting at some high school graduation. The oral test will come this year, about 91 000 students last years. The different types of schools persists GCSE defined by the Director until the 20th June.

University of South Bohemia Faculty of Science will Added:18.5. 2007 7:27

University of South Bohemia Faculty of Science will

Current and future students of the biological faculty of the University of South Bohemia from the next academic year must get used to another name. We will study the biological faculty, but the faculty of Science. The renaming and transformation of existing faculty Academic Senate decided to University of South Bohemia.

Competition Technician of the year Added:17.5. 2007 7:44

Competition Technician of the year

Studying the technical school and have a head full of ideas? Then join the contest, entitled Price Bosh – Technician of the year, which will be held this year for the first time. The aim of this new competition is to encourage young students and engineers from industry (mainly automotive and industrial technology) and increase the attractiveness and prestige of technical education in the Czech Republic.

Field of study Modern History at Pilsen Added:15.5. 2007 7:25

Field of study Modern History at Pilsen

If you fancy studying history and you missed on the field to submit an application, you still have a chance. Faculty of Arts University of West opens in the next academic year, two new historical subjects – modern general history and modern Czech history. Sending the application deadline is 31 May 2007.

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