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Grass skiing? It is a style of my life, says Susan Gardavská Added:8.5. 2007 7:54

Grass skiing? It is a style of my life, says Susan Gardavská

When you say grass skiing, each of us has some vague idea of ​​what it was. But few know that the Czech Republic is a multiple world champion in the grass skiing, which collects one medal after another. And it still manages to study at the university. About how to reconcile it with the top sports school, we talked with Zuzka Gardavský, seven-time world junior champion and world champion among adults.

Thriller in Zlin Added:3.5. 2007 7:49

Thriller in Zlin

Detective novel. This is the main theme of the Zlin Festival Literary May, which these days takes place in Zlin. This 6th year is devoted Arnost Lustig, exile literature and detective genre. The festival will be attended by well-known faces such as Ludvik Vaculik, JH Krchovský or even Jaroslav Hutka. In addition to Czech and Polish artists will perform Martha Podgórnik poet and author read the Slovak squeezed by young authors.

Study interior design at college in Prague Added:2.5. 2007 1:02

Study interior design at college in Prague

Higher School of Applied Arts in Prague, opened the next school year, a new degree course in interior design. Students will learn it in the drafting of the proposal and public housing in terms of interior design, art, techno-functional and organic links with all the necessary construction and interior design profession.

Future architects can study Náchod Added:30.4. 2007 6:17

Future architects can study Náchod

Those interested in architecture and engineering can study this year from high school in Nachod. Faculty of Civil Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague, there is open in a college building a four-year Bachelor degree with a focus on restoration of historical buildings. Students can apply in an extraordinary time up to 15 May.

How to survive svaťák Added:24.4. 2007 6:31

How to survive svaťák

May the door with him and graduation. Famous test maturity with which you all four or more years of high school haunted. But until that day comes with a big D and you sit in a new suit or a suit before the Board and glory to his knowledge, still waiting for you to Holy Week.

The second round of the entrance in Olomouc Added:21.4. 2007 9:25

The second round of the entrance in Olomouc

Low interest in studying some fields induced Faculty of Science, Palacky University, write a second round of admission. Applicants can submit applications to have some of the offered courses. This is an undergraduate studying mathematics, chemistry and physics.

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