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Prostejov the university town Added:9.2. 2007 1:12

Prostejov the university town

Olomouc Region is another university town – Prostejov. There currently is from the new academic year opened department of the Faculty of Technical University in Brno. Students who will apply for four-year Bachelor's program of civil engineering, the application can choose whether they want to study in Brno or in Prostejov. After its completion it will be possible to continue studying engineering…

University of South Bohemia Faculty of Science will Added:7.2. 2007 11:42

University of South Bohemia Faculty of Science will

From next academic year will be added and Science University of South Bohemia. Created the current transformation of biological faculty that will no longer work. Make new faculty interested in undergraduate study five, seven and eight doctoral master's courses. In addition, the new faculty can educate the future teachers of secondary schools in science programs, which were not part of the faculty…

News from the entrance in Olomouc Added:6.2. 2007 11:35

News from the entrance in Olomouc

Single admission tests for all fields of study, only electronic submission of applications and the possibility of remission of entrance examinations in some areas waiting for this year interested in studying at the Pedagogical Faculty of Palacky University in Olomouc. Study applicants awaiting admission procedure at a single test, which prepared teachers of the faculty. The test will contain 60…

Days of technology at the University of Liberec Added:5.2. 2007 11:29

Days of technology at the University of Liberec

Intelligent robots, computer controlled by voice, the laboratory production of nanofibers and energy facilities and other offices, technical departments of the University in Liberec you can see all the candidates during the Days of Technology, organized by Technical University of Liberec.

Help! I do not know what school I choose Added:1.2. 2007 12:00

Help! I do not know what school I choose

They are students from the start of his secondary education know what their field of dreams. All applications have been so carefully filled out and sent to make sure that their school receives a chosen time. While next to you is a few empty forms, just wandering aimlessly in brochures and yell her hair from her head. Just know what you want to do once in your life.

Christmas comes alive with animated film Olomouc Added:3.12. 2006 2:32

Christmas comes alive with animated film Olomouc

Already fifth year will be the beginning of December in Olomouc, bearing the sign of animation. From 8 to 10.12 is organized by the Department of Film and Theatre Studies UP in collaboration with organizations Pastiche Filmz showcase of animated films PAF 2006th

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