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Eva Vojtíšková

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The first Czech private university Added:7.3. 2007 3:19

The first Czech private university

Private College Comenius based in Prague on 23 February this year – the first of its kind in the Czech Republic – university status. The criteria for granting this status to accredit doctoral programs, as well as adequate scientific and research work of teachers and their relevant expertise, which represents the titles of associate professors and professors. Since the filling of several years of…

Survival Odds Added:5.3. 2007 11:41

Survival Odds

Just Wednesday, the 7th in the March of this year may submit an application to the survival course, or "Courses Special training for emergencies. The course is designed for workers in the media and humanitarian organizations, as well as students who are preparing for similar professions. Age limit is 18 years. As the name suggests, the course, its main focus is to familiarize the trainees with…

Volunteer Abroad Added:16.2. 2007 1:54

Volunteer Abroad

To know yourself, you would like to help someone who really needs it, and want to gain experience and get acquainted with people from other cultures? Volunteer of the European Voluntary Service (EVS) and exit to foreign countries to cooperate on projects not only in the European Union, but also to Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, the Caucasus and the countries of former Yugoslavia. A volunteer can become…

Scholarship from E. ON Added:15.2. 2007 8:00

Scholarship from E. ON

Energy company E. ON has prepared a scholarship program for university students in technical fields. Specifically, the fields corresponding to the scope of E. ON – electrical engineering, power engineering, etc. Students who pass the selection, the E. ON offered a scholarship agreement, under which the student undertakes during their studies each year to participate in 4-week internship working…

Valentine gift for students Added:13.2. 2007 8:31

Valentine gift for students

GTS International has prepared a really cute gift for your customers. With the slogan: Roses are dead … Now flying experience, this week offers tickets and tickets by price, which is actually the lowest prices settle around two roses. In the days since 12 – To 14 2nd so you can buy a return ticket for bus travel to Paris, Strasbourg, Vienna and many other European cities, and a very unusual 90, –…

Study motivation or What happens when ... Added:11.2. 2007 7:26

Study motivation or What happens when ...

Everyone has their phobias, which suffocates us uncomfortable, but also a little bit and nurture. At a time when seniors decide whether and on which school to submit an application, the following text is subtly suggested, why would they throw something you do after high school.

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