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10 reasons to study even after thirty! Added:15.9. 2010
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10 reasons to study even after thirty!

You lack the necessary job skills or higher degree? After graduation you will not want to go and now this reproach? Or are you just interested in a particular area and want to educate more of it? „It's never too late“ – that is pretty trite cliche, but the content of this article describes perfectly. Learn why to overcome doubt and reason instead of looking for ways to even the thirties begin to study in college!

1) run out of business as usual

Work, kids, a weekend trip … Over time, family life becomes routine and the days are still going the same pace. You do not ever want to make a change, take a big challenge? Study may be for you options to replace the evenings watching television in reading interesting books and creative activities, such as thinking and writing. It sounds trite, but devote a few hours a week studying can relax much better than beer with a bunch of friends or a romantic movie! Definitely a great way to fight the crisis of middle age.

2) Extend your knowledge

Sometimes just stop with the mouth open wondering what the young people in the tram debate, or how well speak foreign languages? It seems to you that it is somewhat loose in world politics and the media can not believe everything? Would you like to form their own opinion on world history, environmental issues, or simply to understand more the realm of plants, but do not know where to draw the information credible? Academic soil has always been regarded as a reliable store of human knowledge – Draw from it too!

3) Do not cool the brain

Once you understand very well and faktoriálům integrals, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will appear comprehensible and memory you've had a perfectly trained. Unilateral work focus and lack of motivation but could cause your brain is a well-programmed computer becomes more of an automatic device. Prove that you still have in my head a great material and tormented threads before each test!

4) In the work as „Topper“

Would you advise senior fellow with the installation program, but do not know quite how to do it, because it is a new technology. Would you like to teach younger ones about the complexity of immigration issues, but you lack communication skills and good arguments. Despite the fact that he nepopovídáte with a new colleague who only operates in English and French. The study is an excellent way to not only complete lack of knowledge of areas of expertise, but also how to gain self-confidence in communicating with others.

5) Be a role model for children

At home it's not much better. The son laughs when you can not „Google's“ daughter teaches you about „talking-points“. Neither yet do not learn in high school love and do not want to even hear. „But you know what it means, how it works …“ excuse is. All my life trying to go their pattern, so why should it be different this time? Submit your application together, encourage each other in preparation for entrance exams. Within a year, you need to go together to celebrate the successful test!

„It's never too late“ – the academic study definitely not!

6) Fulfill your dream

You always interested in physics, music or Asian culture, life circumstances, but decided for you and work as tax advisers, nurses and staff offices. Is not it a shame? Sorry you that you have your youthful ideals hung on a nail? Do not wait for you to fulfill your dreams begin to children and grandchildren and Dare your hobbies into a professional interest. The reward will be a wonderful feeling that you've finally managed to go for her!

7) The school counts with you

Implementation of studies in „nestudijním age“ may not be so complicated. Universities in their classrooms increasingly attract even those who had fled from GCSE years or more. About lifelong learning you've probably heard, combined (distance) study also no exception to any of the universities. Read the „special article“:…tarsi-26-let that organizational issues will be a breeze.

8) Find new friends

When it was crucial decisions you make, you may be pleasantly surprised that you're not far from alone. Similarly, hesitant and uncertain before the first lecture will certainly numerous. The common themes is certainly not an emergency, and quickly break the ice. Establish new and interesting contacts with like-oriented enthusiasts, or even find new friends, it's definitely a cost.

9) meaningful use and money

Time is money. Why not invest your precious hours to the crossing and bus poring through scripts, though it is much easier to fish or go to the cinema? Because fish and movies you wait while the motivation to study will not last forever. If you have at least some free time and extra money, put them in a truly meaningful activities: education in itself!

10) The new opportunities

Neither do not expect much, and once removed a diploma in your hands. What next? What new goals to pave? Where you study actually led? It is time to find a job in which you better appreciate the personal and financial terms? Or try a completely new industry? Above all remember that „it is never too late!“

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