Preparatory courses for the Faculty of Law přijímačkám UJEP Added:19.1. 2005
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Preparatory courses for the Faculty of Law přijímačkám UJEP

By the end of January it is possible to apply the preparatory course at the Law Faculty of Palacky University in Olomouc. An interesting feature of this course is not only able to receive it directly at the school – it is a Saturday training – but also remotely via the Internet.

Preparatory course, which will start in February or in March, focuses primarily on the interpretation of selected topics, knowledge of which is to pass the admission tests more than necessary. Within about 60 hours of instruction will focus mainly on the basics of speaker social science disciplines, issues of legal history and the most important institutions of the legal industry. Finally, the seminar will have the opportunity to try a mock entrance tests alone, while in the course aware of the optimum methodology for the successful folding.

Those who choose to take the course via the Internet, will receive a password to access the school's education portal, and then you will be able to download study material for entrance exams and also try out various tests.

The preparatory course is required to log on to the end of January and through snail mail or e-mail. Over the course of time the candidate shall pay to 5000 CZK for remote release of two thousand less.

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