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Harvard! Added:28.1. 2005
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Nechcete to taky zkusit?

End of February and thus the deadline for applications this year for most universities in the Czech Republic is approaching. With a tempting vision of the future in terms of trouble-free university education (in fact it is a bit different, but it is not important now), most graduates are increasingly deals proverbial question „What about her?“ How to be inspired by the following lines.

The origins of Harvard University, located in Boston, Cambridge, back to the 17th century. The structure of one of the most prestigious universities in the world consists of one college (a kind of intermediate step between high school and university), where you can get a bachelor's degree, and nine specialized faculties: medical, legal, theological, educational, humanities and natural sciences, School of Public Health, Graduate School of Design, the JF Kennedy School of Government, Harvard Business School. (More information can be found on the or

Studies at Harvard is really a matter of prestige. Whether it is a wide range of education – the University boasts one of the largest libraries in the world (by which graduates are guaranteed free access for life – or the establishment of numerous international contacts. The staffs (which reached number two thousand) is the number of Nobel laureates.

Entrance exams called by correspondence, which includes several essays produced on a given subject, letters of recommendation, cover letter and proof of previous study. Great emphasis is given in the admission process for applicants extracurricular activities, which illustrate the overall impression. Candidates must simply present so that the University has shown interest in them (you saw the blonde right?)

If the candidates can take the school so that it will succeed, you need not worry about the financing of studies. This does not meant that it would probably work at Harvard was a spout – quite the contrary – but the university has the means to be able and most willing to support the economically weaker students. The most important is to convince the school to its qualities.

Financial support for students can also find many other institutions. In our country, are recommended to seek such assistance as the Foundation of Dagmar and Vaclav Havel (, the Endowment Fund of Livia and Václav Klaus, and the Fulbright Commission ( Of those from abroad may be mentioned the Rotary Foundation Scholarships (, the Rockefeller Foundation (, World Bank Institute ( / WBI), the Institute of International Education ( PGMs). These organizations provide full or partial scholarships, some support only those students who have studied abroad. Some faculties every year provide two full scholarships to students from small European countries.

Potential candidates for study at Harvard in the spring may attend the seminar How to Get to Harvard, which organizes the Harvard Club of Prague. Candidates can learn much from the advice and experience of graduate and become more familiar with the study itself.

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