Screening at the Art Center in Manchester UP Added:12.2. 2005
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Screening at the Art Center in Manchester UP

The Echoes XII. Days of European Film Art Center, visitors can Palacky University in Olomouc watch four foreign films. Screenings organized by Pastiche films, which brings together interested parties to develop activities especially in the dramatic arts.

** ** Whores Son (Austria, Luxembourg 2003, 90min., German with English subtitles) On 14 February will be given at 19:00 Croatia covering the story of a young lovely Silvia, which, with the prospect of big profits come from Yugoslavia to Vienna. Soon, however, ends on the pavement, and over time it becomes exclusive prostitute. Silviin son, which often leaves itself must deal with a difficult problem, with the fate of the son of whores.

** I'll give you my eyes ** (Spain 2003, 109 min. In Spanish) At 20:00 followed by Spanish entry, often winning, I'll give the movie their eyes. The main heroes, Pilar, who runs a winter evening at home with just a few most urgent matters, and his son Juan, and Antonio, who now spends on it, is difficult to try to put together a list of family rules. But everything is different. Meanings of words are listed opposite – „Love“ means pain, „the protection of domesticity as the“ terror „,“ home „becomes a“ hell ".

** River ** (Finland 2001, 104 min. Finnish with English subtitles) Finnish film won the National Film Award 2002 Jussi direction, script, editing, sound and best film will be shown on Tuesday 15 February at 19:00. We meet there with different stories of people from different walks of life taking place in one Saturday morning and intertwine with each other.

** The Life and Death of a mass killer ** (Great Britain 2003, 89 min., In English) On Tuesday at 21:00 will be given film Life and Death of a mass murderer. Filmmaker Nick Broomfield is summoned at the last hearing before the execution of Aileen Wuornosové, the first American mass murderer, which years ago filming a movie. In the middle of the process of change Aileen opinion, demanding the execution of and opposes those who knew her and came to testify. Film is a powerful appeal against the death penalty and raises troubling questions about the executions of mentally ill people.

All films will be interpreted through headphones.

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Author: Spurná, Radka

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