Approaching the deadline for the art competition Artkontakt Added:25.2. 2005
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Approaching the deadline for the art competition Artkontakt

Project Artkontakt, or confrontation of young artists, now entering its second year of its existence. The age limit for participation in the competition is 26 years old, and they may participate in the older artists – they must prove student status. The competition will be accepted paintings, drawings and prints – each individual work should be signed and on the back bearing the name and address of the author. Each author can present their works on the example of five works, the age should not exceed three years old.

Entry to the competition is an application form (you can find it at…varnikum.doc) together with an electronic form – which means the pictures of specific pieces – the email address k.tuckova @ or k.tuckova @ It is advisable to do so no later than one week before the deadline, which is 11 March 2005. Entries must then be delivered to the address of the organizing Artkontakt Gallery (Jakubské Square 1, 602 00 Brno). Works adepts who served on the appointed place in Prague, will be the venue moved the day before the deadline.

The competition will be decided by a five-member jury: Marek Pokorny (director of the Moravian Gallery), Michael Rittstein (Professor painting studio at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts, artist), George Valoch (art theorist), Olga Little (curated by City Gallery of Prague) and Richard Adam ( collector of fine arts). They also select three at the end of the most interesting artists, who receive certificates of merit and not only expertise, but also interesting sums of money (1st prize 10 000 CZK, 2nd CZK 6000, 3rd 4000 CZK). Throughout the year, will be awarded to each of the solo exhibition held in one of the participating galleries.

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