As well as the creator of web pages Added:3.3. 2005
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As well as the creator of web pages

The contest, which on the topic „How to imagine an ideal site for teens,“ declared Newton College is an opportunity for all ages. As it says in the entry, the competitor should describe the ideal site for young people as it is they represent. Also interesting is the project that is open to those who create Web pages no control over them – is important because conceptual design. Part of competing projects need not even be a description of the technical solution or graphic design web design. A major evaluation criterion will be the overall creativity and diversity site for teens.

The deadline is scheduled for 31 March, 15 April will be the announcement of the results. Potential adepts are therefore still Masic almost time for the world to come up and offer them the best project! The competition must be logged – and at

And what for? Author of the winning project will receive a voucher worth the trip 25 000 CZK your choice. The price for the second and third place is a voucher to purchase goods worth CZK 5000, also according to their choice. The authors, who placed fourth and fifth place will receive an annual subscription of your choice.

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