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Are applying to college? Added:10.3. 2005
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Are applying to college?

You have applied your application to college? Then you are behind one of the important steps. Yet we in the head a lot of other unanswered questions … Answers to some of them can be found here.

Decisions on applications you already have maybe over, but it is only the beginning. Do you know what the emerging fields can still log in? Where to find information on the preparatory courses for přijímačkám? How many freshmen to discipline not advance to sophomore year? How are recent graduates with employment? What are the requirements of employers? Read on.

Do you know how to look your dream school? It will be very important for you, whether in the library building of the Faculty, the Faculty has many buildings, as well as computer equipment, distance from the canteen, etc. It may sound like a superficial aspect, but remember that the chosen school, you spend even five years Mirek Says … (22): "I studied three years at the Department of Romance Languages ​​and Literatures and I can say that the environment is very important. Sometimes I felt that there suffocate. After completing undergraduate cycle, I walked away and now I have been her second field to a much nicer school. "Although schools with continuously improving, but with it you can not count.

Best opportunity to visit school open days: not only that when they walk down the hallway and omrknete toilets, but also get a lot of material for study on selected school, examples of the entrance and most importantly you pay someone who is able and willing to answer your nosy questions.

Open Days are usually in December and January, if you missed it, you can look at the faculty pages, which are usually located some photos. Nothing bad for them but not tell faculty. Or you can look at our „gallery“:…, where you will find photos of some faculties.

You do not understand some words? Here are some basic words that are guaranteed to meet: Electronic application – can be completed over the Internet, it is usually cheaper and will not let you make a mistake. Department – sometimes also institute or institute, a place where you go, find your lecturer and instructor. Usually a department provides teaching of several disciplines, it may be vice versa. Combined / distance learning – it was formerly known as remote, students come to school just for the weekend, etc. They do not have student status, tend to work while studying. Branch – submitting an application to a specific discipline that works in a program of study (eg, Study French in the Humanities). Attendance – also known as day. Students go to school daily (or almost) and have student status. Student status – is entitled to student discounts, and allowances for a dependent child. The state also pays for students of social and health insurance.

Do you think that the filing was too late? Wrong! At most private colleges and some universities with a technical, but focus can be given to other applications still in mid-March. On the Economic Faculty of the Technical University in Liberec you can report to 12 March 2005, the Faculty of Mechatronics and Interdisciplinary Engineering Studies, even by 31 March 2005, which is the deadline for application to the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Textile.

Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen has set a deadline of 1 April 2005, while the local Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Humanities, applications submitted by 31 March 2005. To report, however, the Faculty of Law University of West Bohemia, you must submit an application to 28 February 2005. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering University of West Bohemia, however, accept applications until 4 April 2005. The University of South Bohemia in the Czech Budejovice, you can report to 15 March with the exception of Health and Social Faculty, where the deadline a day earlier.

Cyril and Methodius Theological Faculty in Olomouc, Department of Social Policy and Social Work, even accepting submissions for the 12th April. The University of JEPurkyně in Usti nad Labem and the University of Chemical Technology, you can report the end of March, like the Czech Technical University in Prague, where the only exception is the Faculty of Civil Engineering, which has set the deadline at the 18th March 2005. If you are considering studying at the University of Pardubice, the Jan Perner Transport Faculty, you have the time for filing until mid-March.

In the case of faculty of Chemical Technology and Electronics and Computer applications can be submitted until the end of March, as well as the Czech Agricultural University in Prague. Until the end of April deadline set for applications VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava

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