University entrance exams for law this year will be different Added:4.3. 2005
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University entrance exams for law this year will be different

Years later, when the entrance exams at the Prague Faculty of Law of constant washing because of their mistakes, the faculty decided to test this change. Not only that, it just has not trained teachers of the faculty, but also external bodies and the public benefit corporation Scio, acceptance testing will also take place in a single day. On this day, at the same time the test takes place in thirteen cities of the Republic and the tests will be for all those interested in studying the same. Therefore not open discussion of unequal difficulty of tests, as in previous years.

Applicants therefore expect this written test, consisting of several parts and the general knowledge, skills and logical reasoning and general prerequisites for university studies. Adopted should be 550 plus those candidates who reach the same number of points as the 550th adopted.


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