Student Film Festival at the Masaryk University Added:16.5. 2011
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Student Film Festival at the Masaryk University

Faculty of Informatics Masaryk University organizes the eleventh annual original student film festival. The event takes place 19th May from 19:30. Admission is free.

Festival will feature a total of seventeen short films (nine competition), including an interactive film, whose storyline the audience will decide. Movies are the result of two-term efforts and attempts to cope with dozens of small professional teams of students, everything from theme to make the production of students under the guidance of their own.

At the end of the festival will award ceremony. His favorite professional jury selects only, but also the spectators. Author of the most successful film will be awarded a statuette Filmobola and receive prizes. Detailed information about the festival visit


Author: Hruška, Jan

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