11th annual amateur and student short films Aerokraťas is here! Added:7.9. 2014
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11th annual amateur and student short films Aerokraťas is here!

„Pilots“ Prague cinema Aero announced the 11th annual competition of amateur and student short films titled ** ** Aerokraťas. Amateur filmmakers and aspiring professionals have, thanks to her ability to get on board this popular Prague theater – and straight as a short film screenings feature films.

Entries may be submitted to the competition is ** 30th September 2014 ** (registration see „pages Aero“: http: //www.kinoaero­.cz/cz/static/a­erokratas_for­mular/). Finals and awards ceremony will be held November 6, 2014 again in the cinema Aero.

In addition to the screening of the winning film on canvas Aera during the following year will get the best creator can also find free rent for one night Aera hall for a private screening. Also, the winners of the other categories will receive prizes – packages of free tickets to the cinema Aero, traditional film set from Aero and trade Terry socks.

Source: „www.kinoaero.cz“: http: //www.kinoaero­.cz/cz/static/a­erokratas/

Author: Černá, Lucie

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