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Living in Brno? Added:12.5. 2003
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Living in Brno?

We asked students at Masaryk University for their living past, present and future … Where do they live? What is true? And especially, how to deal or cope with new situations allocation colleges at MU.

We asked students at Masaryk University for their living past, present and future … Where do they live? What is true? And especially, how to deal or cope with new situations allocation of tracks at MU?

Sarka FSS:

Last year I lived in dormitories, in private earlier this year in Žabinách, I pay 1500 CZK. While this is close – 10 minutes from the school, but looking for something better with my friends. We are three and we want an apartment, where we pay rent in 2000 with the collection of one. The ideal would be 1 +1 or 2 +1, but yet we fail. We are looking for three months in every possible way – realtors, friends, advertisements, just what can be done, but still nothing.

Roman FI:

I live in dormitories for 1250 CZK and it gave me a good long time … but it will not. Should I start to look flat. I know that in September was not much available apartments, but now they have our financial problems … They can not afford to pay me and digs through the holidays, they still need more money from me. Moreover, I have a sister at MU … I even found a great home at a decent price, unfortunately I could not afford in a given situation. I was going to ochtný 2000 CZK, but I have to go with the price even lower. So I look up in September.

Marketa Science:

I live in the dormitories for the 1170th I am in the first year, so I've just experienced college. It's nice there, even when compared to other cities are quite expensive. The privates but it will be even worse … I'm looking for a friend had a small apartment two months to 2000 CZK. It does not matter where we just want to have it already. We are looking for through advertising, we do that we pay realitcce commission, but it's hard to Brno. Realtors covering 99% of the market.

Magdalena FSS:

I replaced it more. Sublease in Brno I can talk! First, my brother lived in a private CZK 2000, although a short walk from the school, but it was a really tiny room in the apartment of divorced spouses. Fought from morning till night. The view from the window was the best – in the wall. Then we moved to Ivanovic for the money, we did not manage financially. Our support us can not, we are home a lot … we lived in Ivanovice while for 600 CZK, but in the basement and a shower I přidělávala the basin. Financially, although on a much better I am, but we found an apartment with friends, which is beautiful and close to schools – in Czernowitz, 6 stops from Grohova. Rent is 2000, while on one, but I found that it had better not. I have arranged an overdraft, pay realtors and now earn more in rent. Well, at least not in the cellar, but in the attic.

Michal FF:

I live in the dormitories Komarov, pay 1170, it is enough, but I got there and the Internet, that's fine. I'm from Czech Budejovice, so I bit there, why on earth do I have to look for an apartment on the studies … well, what can you do. Fortunately a friend helped parents – he bought an apartment in Brno, so they move in there too. I will be in one room and the other one might get some girls, whether it is more fun. Financial strongly feel the difference, 800 extra each month is enough. But I'm glad I have a certain something when I see a rising wave of hysteria … I think the only one who earns on it, will realtors and the good feeling it will be just right Zlatuška.

Helena FSS:

I live for 1500 in private in Ivanovice. It is far předaleko, but I live there for the second year and I'm glad I got it now and do not look like most others. I would like to continue to stay there. I hope the landlady and the roommate we endure at least another year.

Danica LF:

I'm on track, I pay 1250 CZK, I'm happy, I was the third year in college, so I have found lots of acquaintances. Due to the decision of the Chancellor – Senator Zlatuška but we look for housing for next year. Although six of us, but more than 12 000 for an apartment are not willing to give. I'm also from Slovakia and the odds still are not entirely good. We are looking for about four months, I feel that I have gone through all the privates in Brno. but somehow does not satisfy us nothing. They are either far away or overpriced, or ugly, or all together. In addition, students have few releases into the flat!

Michal FSS:

At the beginning of freshman year I lived in Babice Svitavou in the family house at 4500 CZK, I could not find anything else. Then I moved for financial reasons to Cejl, where I paid 1500 CZK. It was a flat 2 +1, and I lived there for four, but it was only for 14 days. Then I lived in black on the track and the beginning of spring semester, I finally got officially. And now, after half a year I look re-housing. I'm starting to feel like an idiot every now and then migrate elsewhere. Well, the study also reflects this … I do not have time, still I solve existential problems instead of being fully devoted to the school. High school, I imagined a little different … I wish Hostels freshmen, it's really hard to look for something in a new environment, but what we do, others? Can not Zlatuška imagine how expensive it is? How much time we spend in the library instead of the brigades? And anyway half the freshmen throw!

Peter IF:

I'm on track, I pay just over 800 CZK. While this is pretty terrible, but the digs I want to hunt. Well, I'll probably have to what? Probably try to get something with a girlfriend … But in the two is quite a problem, it's terribly overpriced. So far we let it. We begin to solve it about the exam.

Bara FF:

For the second year, I live in the dormitories, even though this year I got quite late. Now we've got to be friends. It is a block of flats in Vinohrady, far enough away to school, and neighbors are uncomfortable, but again we are paying only 1500 CZK. There are five of us, but otherwise reported to the four would pay more. We got it through realtors, we had to give her a straight two rents for mediation, but again we can just move. I was afraid that we will have to tackle the exam. None of us here during the holidays is not. That's another thing – we have to pay holiday. It is a fact that anyone who is looking for an apartment now in the beginning, undergoes several thousand, but I think that in September, prices will be so high that we have had on it a lot more.

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