Eurodesk - a European information network for youth Added:5.4. 2005
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Eurodesk - a European information network for youth

European information network which has offices in 31 countries, mainly provides information for young people and youth workers. The main areas of the organization Eurodesk information on study and work activities abroad. The pages of data are processed by Leonardo da Vinci, Socrates and Youth. An essential part is also information about travel, accommodation, activities and volunteer work as an au pair. Another interesting part is fairly well-treated by a section on scholarships.

Through the website can make contacts with domestic and international cooperative organizations (Ministry of Education, Brussels line, European Commission) as well as general information about the European Union. These are complemented by a large number of links to sites related to the current situation in individual European countries.

Eurodesk works both at the national level – is based in Prague and at the regional level. The region is situated in cooperation 10 cities (Brno, Czech Republic, Hradec Kralove, Liberec, Olomouc, Pelhřimov Tabor, Trinec Uherske Hradiste, Usti nad Labem) – proper address can be found at the above Web site.


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