Private universities are beginning to attract to the study Added:11.4. 2005
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Private universities are beginning to attract to the study

If you are worried that you come to State College, be sure to give form to one of the private universities. While true in many cases, very high tuition fees, but do not lose a year of study.

If you are worried that you come to State College, be sure to give form to one of the private universities. While true in many cases, very high tuition fees, but do not lose a year of study.

Time to send applications to state universities have passed and now the word reported by private schools. They offer the possibility of more dates of entrance tests and thus the maximum time limit for sending applications. These are indeed distinct advantages, but for those to be paid. Private tuition, each college sets its own, it is not surprising that the amount you pay for the studies vary considerably. We will bring several differently oriented private schools in 2005/2006 offers bachelor's and master's studies courses. Because the offer is really big, expect our site to pay other types of studies.

Starting in Prague. Private High School of Jan Amos Comenius take the bachelor degree program without any entrance examination to study the candidates, who will have the graduation exam to an average of 2.5. The school offers adult education courses, social and mass communication, special education – pedagogy and andragogy. The first term of entrance examinations will be in June 2005 (send entries to be possible only through the end of March) and the second in September 2005 (applications can be submitted until the end of August 2005). If you did not comply with these terms, the school offers the opportunity to select an individual test date. Tuition ranges from 20,000 to 25,000 crowns per semester. For more information visit

Another private college, you'd find in Prague, the Institute of International and Public Relations. On its website the school states: „The main criteria for admission are the results of written tests in English (rarely German) language, general knowledge written test and oral examination results, which also includes the ability to work with a computer and search for information on the Internet.“ Applications for bachelor courses can be submitted by 31 May 2005 (for 1st round of admission) and by 22 August for second round of recruitment. Date of admission to undergraduate study is set at 16 and 17 June 2005 (1st round) and the 24th August and 15 September 2005 (2nd round). Students of this school will pay 35,000 per semester. More on

If you are interested in studying science, for you will be determined by supply West-high school in Trebic. Přihklášku mnutné to study is made by 27 5; 24th 6th; 2 9th, 16th 9th 2005th The application is homework (essay) worked on „eEurope: An Information Society for All“. The admission process will assess the college a total of 6 parts: a written exam matematickolo­gického thinking, in written English exam, oral exam in the field of logic, an oral exam in computer science and electronics (computer, including guest essay „eEurope: An Information Society for All“ – part of the application to the study) evaluated the economic and general overview. Each of the six parts of the examination will be rated on a scale from 0 to 100 points, an overall assessment will then an average of six sub-sets. Dates for admission are set at 30 5th 2005, 27 6th 2005, 5 9th 2005 and to 19 9th 2005th Tuition per semester is 19 thousand. More on

If you are interested in media and communication studies, you have the chance to sign up for Joseph Škvorecký Literary Academy in Prague. It offers courses: creative writing, music journalism, editorial and interactive media. Deadline for applications is set to 1 6th 2005 (1st term), the entrance examination will be followed by 20.6.2005, and by 8 9th 2005 (2nd term), this date will be September 19, 2005 entrance exams. Candidate's know­ledge of the study will be tested in the written test in English and will be followed by an oral interview. The school has set for candidates Additional Products other criteria (such as their own literary text, reviews of musical works, etc.). Open Days will be held on: 7 4th 2005, 12 5th 2005, 8 9th 2005th Tuition for the academic year 2005/2006 is 54 500 CZK. Refer to

Nowhere is written that the study at a private high school must complete. After a year of entrance exams, you can try to State College. Many students just goes this way and are successful. More advice in conclusion: find out if the school provides college or boarding. Apartment in Prague, plus tuition fees because they can be pretty expensive.

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