Moravian College Added:2.5. 2005
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Moravian College

Already in October this year it should start its activities private high school economics at Manchester. At Moravian College – as is its full title – will be able to report particularly interested in studying economics and management. In the case of general subjects and foreign language classes, then the new constitution promised cooperation with the University of Palacky in Olomouc. Future students should also calculate the amount of 15,000 crowns per semester.

Open a new school but in October the new gateway for students, depends at present on whether the project in June approved the accreditation committee of the Ministry of Education. In the case of a positive settlement would take place over the holidays should be required training, and in September it planned to call for an entrance exam.

For connoisseurs of local conditions it only remains to add that the school will be located in their infancy in the regional center of Olomouc in the vicinity of the main railway station. Later, should move to the nearby site of the former barracks.


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