New School Inspector Added:13.5. 2005
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New School Inspector

Olga Hofmann was this week appointed Minister of Education Petra Buzkova the highest office of the Czech School Inspection. The current Director of Central Glass School Valasske Mezirici enters his new post in June.

Olga Hofmann led the School of Applied Arts since 1995. At the beginning of the nineties was the director of Administration of the Ministry of Education for Moravia and Silesia and worked as deputy chief school inspector, was in charge of the same region. After his appointment, said that her first action in office will be directed to conduct an audit of the organization and depending on its outcome will be any further changes.

Auditions for a new school inspector attended the nine candidates shortlisted finally got a pair of the most successful. Then Minister of Education has chosen to Hofmann. The appointment should take place as late as April, but due to a government crisis, everything shifted. The previous bankruptcy, which took place at the end of last year, did not result in any suitable candidate.

Source: ČTK,

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