We have a CR University of European unification? Added:2.6. 2005
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We have a CR University of European unification?

Unification of the European University in Prague by ČTK like to see Charles Rector Ivan Wilhelm. According to him, should be focused on socio-scientific disciplines in the context of European integration. The entire project could be launched next year, William acted in Brussels with the Commissioner for Culture and Education Jan Figel and Social Affairs Commissioner Vladimir Spidla.

International College should be about three hundred employees and twelve hundred students from both member and non-member countries. The school should prepare students to work in public administration, EU institutions, research and diplomacy. Now science is a very important activity planned educational institution, which – as noted by Wilhelm – Czech should enrich the academic environment.

Throughout the project, the future university will collaborate in several European universities, have promised to Oxford. Czechs to foster the university since 2004, the UK chancellor would like the end of the year and discuss what it takes to open next school year. He hopes that the government as soon as possible will take the necessary resolution for support of this institution.

Source: LN, ČTK

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