Seminar "How to write a brilliant essay" Added:11.6. 2005
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Seminar "How to write a brilliant essay"

Intergovernmental Organization for Educational Exchange Study in the U.S. – Fulbright Commission – held in late June workshops on writing essays on American universities. Teaching, led by American students at Hampden-Sydney College, will be mainly in the so-called Admission Essays, ie those that are required for admission procedures and applications for scholarships. Students coming from a large puddle, is currently on a Fulbright scholarship in and ready – even outside designated deadlines – provide a range of valuable advice on how to deal with writing a good essay.

Seminars take place on 22 June in Brno 15:30 in the International Students Club (Comenius Square 2, Building LF MU) and a week later, 29 June, from 16:30 in the counseling center of the Fulbright Commission (Táboritská 23). The capacity of both sites is limited, it is therefore necessary to pre-register for

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