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Did not you? Sign up again!

I know that the entrance tests will be wrong too? Never mind, try it again! Many faculty at public universities issuing a second round of the entrance. Deadlines are usually in September and applications are made around the end of July. And it's not just about technical subjects suffering from chronic shortage of candidates to study!

The second round of the entrance to the undergraduate programs of study launches in September as Business Administration, University of Silesia. The same term is also for master and doctoral studies. In the first round of the known two thousand candidates and is expected to be taken about 600 of them, which is the ratio of the Czech more than favorable conditions. And what can the OPF Karviná, Silesian University study? Economics and Public Administration, European Integration, Social Management, Tourism Economics, Corporate Finance Manager or even science. For more, visit the university: www.slu.cz.

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