Danone Institute grants stupendia Added:17.6. 2005
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Danone Institute grants stupendia

Study last year of food, chemistry and food technology, food and biochemical technology as similar field or have graduated within thirty years? Publish in professional journals, and yet you have been 34 years?

Danone Institute, an endowment fund to support research, development and education in nutrition, has for you this year abroad scholarships in the amount of 50,000 crowns. They serve to cover the minimum monthly stays on nutrition, food, nutritional status and nutrition epidemiology. Applications for scholarships to send the 17th June to address the Institute Danone, Konopiště 905, 256 37 Benesov near Prague. By the end of June to find out whether your application is progressing and whether you will be invited to a language test.

Endowment Fund also announces a competition for the best work, respectively. article published by young scientists in the field of nutrition. Price is associated with a reward of 50 thousand. Competing students can graduate or undergraduate college, which at the time of application has not reached the age of 34 years and is published in a foreign or. Czech journal. What will be assessed? Health and social severity of the problem solved, the originality of the results and scope of a participant to share their achievement and impact journal in which the work was published, the professional public.

Entries to the competition for the best work serve until 16 September 2005. Refer to www.danone-institut.cz.

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