Entrance exams - second chance Added:20.6. 2005
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Entrance exams - second chance

Entrance exams did not go to you? Do you think that you would like to study another school? Then you may attract the following fields of visual focus, which is their home schools will decide to open in September.

In early September, will be admission to the undergraduate program Media newly accredited field of study at FAMU. An important part of the audio-visual studies will be practical activities where students will be acquainted with the various creative processes and technical means. The theoretical part will concentrate on the history of audiovisual media and their use in different contexts. The study will focus on the development of knowledge as the tradition of cinema and television, as well as the results of development especially in the 60 Intermedia­lity years.

Applications to study must submit to 22 August 2005 at the study department, or mailed to 19 ibid August 2005. Admission is two, the work came in the first application is an round. List of candidates admitted to the second round (1 and 2 August 2005) will be published on 29 August 2005. Information on the particulars of admission to see www.famu.cz.

With the new Dean of the Faculty of Architecture, Technical University of Liberec – Borek Sipek – Science opens new branch in September design environment, the studio will just said Dean. As is evident from the title field (or its English equivalent of the Environmental Design) design environment is directly subject to the local community in which it is located. It reflects the current developments and is used only in the wild, but in an urban context. The study will be accepted 20 applicants.

Another branch of the FA TUL to which it is still possible to subscribe, as digital media, which already has a year's experience. The impulse to expand the capacity of the field (taken will be 15 candidates) was to get new teachers from the middle generation of artists. The study area is interesting because it combines both information technology and visual arts.

Applications must be sent to the faculty by 15 August, admissions will take place in time from 5 to 8 September 2005. Other important information is available at www.vslib.cz.

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