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Year R creeping dread leaving or "What do I do maturuju?" Added:17.10. 2005
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Year R creeping dread leaving or "What do I do maturuju?"

We have just recovered from the shock of the first school písemek, accustomed to the sober school of soup and extended, is here. Unexpected and uninvited, graduation year. What about him?

We have just recovered from the shock of the first school písemek, accustomed to the sober school of soup and extended, is here. Unexpected and uninvited, graduation year. What about him?

Your friends seem older abound encouraging words, assurances of how much fun was that graduation test and the high today and take no exercise kangaroos. But the teachers are probably pulling their last remnants of his hair and pofidérních convince you of the impossibility of success.

Who to believe? Definitely not a threat neurotic teachers and nightmares – they suspect that probably a high school diploma with a huge handle without problems. But getting a nice maturitnímu report, moreover, no gastric ulcers, an overdose of caffeine and sleep deficit, you can not do it without a few helpful hints …

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What to do now:

Under the Education Act and also with most school schedules for their graduation subjects have to decide by the end of December. (The law literally states that „if the student fails to notify within the specified time, the object of his choice, he determined that the subject of the class teacher.“) Spring months but will be easier now that you wait for the Christmas madness and decide soon. Under plenty to choose from? In addition to interest and difficulty of the subject or the proportion of the teachers also consider your future school choice **. ** GCSE in geography, when I write entrance exams in physics and chemistry, not help you much.

The moment you make the final decision, try to learn as much as ** ** about how the test runs with the investigator. Ask older classmates and teachers in particular zpovídejte itself. Eg. If the maturing of the SES is priceless since September know that part of the examination will be interpretation of philosophical texts. Perhaps no teacher is so busy that they prepare each year a new and discover their source is not handy for the student a hard task …

Although the fourth year of the period of compulsory attendance grudging, participation in graduation courses really underestimate **. ** It pays to be selective in this regard, so just mess around at certain times. In future months, interest in these lessons, and sometimes wake up ** ** and try to listen. Also, its activity tahákovou ** ** prefer to redirect the not so important subjects. Because what you learn in September, in May as when you find …

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What do you plan ===: ===

Whether you have a child, clearly delineated career or your future plans at the end next Friday, one high school graduates in common: time entries for a high and high school is approaching. Most of it needs by 28 February 2006, but ** ATTENTION **, especially art schools accept applications until the end of November! Eg. term at the Prague Academy of Performing Arts is the 18th ** 11th 2005 **, and the Academy of Music 30th ** 11th 2005 **!

That at all, but you do not know what to do with application, if any, to issue? Maybe you will inspire Gaudeaums ** ** Fair post-secondary and lifelong learning, which in practice means a lot of booths, presentations and leaflets of various schools, you can visit, watch around and rob the year ** 1 to 4 ** November at the Brno Exhibition Centre. In addition to experience as throngs of Carrefour in January and leave for school, you can take a lot of materials and, if you move with care, as well as information. Before the visit, but a clear idea of ​​what you want to achieve. For example, last year the fair was attended by nearly thirty thousand students vzděláníchtivých. It is clear that on a personal consultation with representatives of the school was not much space. But the opportunities too to buy something that is freely downloadable on the Internet, you will stand on each lot to offer … The program of lectures and other handy information, please visit „www.gaudeamus­.cz.“: Http://www.gau­deamus. com

Be sure not to miss the November issue of the newspaper ** ** Teachers, which is based on a comprehensive overview of fields of study, along with contact information and the requirements for entrance exams.

The best source of information is probably the Internet. An old and well known, simply „awesome“ servers as „www.vysokesko­“: http://www.vysokeskoly.czmůžete add visit „“: " ":"; ": …

Finally ===: ===

To have some fun, play and think about it about a future profession, please click on the Guide to the World of Occupations „“: …


Graduation questions, preparatory courses and other dilemmas of prom …

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