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American Dream Added:8.11. 2005
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American Dream

aneb proč bych určitě jela znovu studovat do zahraničí

When I was four years ago, got an opportunity to go for study in the U.S., long time I hesitated. Now I would not think for a minute.

When I was four years ago, got an opportunity to go for study in the U.S., long time I hesitated. Now I would not think for a minute.

The United States has never been my dream country. But when I heard about the possibility of an annual scholarship to study in Arizona, I decided to try it. Since I have vowed to stay essentially improved language skills, but it turned out that the study abroad offers much more.

Throughout the year I lived in the American family and I attended high school. I left with a fairly decent command of the language, but even so I was getting into precarious situations, as when I asked a classmate of rubber (in the U.S. perceived as a condom) instead erasor (clear rubber for rubbing), or when a friend asked me if a turn at the fork in the road ahead. I looked puzzled fork, whereupon he explained that he meant a crossroads.

In Arizona, I found myself in completely unfamiliar surroundings. The cactus and palm trees instead I have never gotten around and the same special school. I expected that everyone will be interested to exchange students, but the opposite was true. Americans are so accustomed to other nationalities that I almost ignored. Total and soon I realized that if I have friends, I have to try especially Me. So I joined in various school events, clubs, hobby groups, etc. are also excellent games, but those I have the unbearable heat (up to 55 degrees in the shade) missed. Through this „training“ is for me now easier to get to know new people.

During the year I was talking about various new situations that I faced. Thanks to them I became more confident, independent and balanced.

Another benefit was the demolition of that stereotype that all Americans are fat, dumb and rich. Overall, obese people more effectively, but many of them live healthy, hamburger and Coke would never nepozřeli and regular sports. Silly certainly are not. After all, how could they, when the world's superpower? And as wealth is concerned, the really tangible is there very little. On the contrary, I surprised a number of slums.

A major plus of studying abroad is the fact that one learns to look at your daily life at home „outside“. Only in Arizona, I fully realize how interesting they are Czechs.

I hope I have convinced you that studying abroad is really worth. AA Bottom line – apart from language skills will certainly take away a lot of experiences, friends and above all experience. And if you have a little luck, may even be too expensive – by various organizations (eg Rottary, AFS), regularly issuing scholarships for high school students. And the university is not a problem at all.

So what are you waiting for?

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