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Year R continues Added:7.11. 2005
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Year R continues

... jak na maturitní otázky?

In the fall leaves just crashes. If you also occasionally fall below the weight of graduation, drop the rifle in the rye or the staff room.

In the fall leaves just crashes. If you also occasionally fall below the weight of graduation, drop the rifle in the rye or the staff room.

What (if anything) you get closer to graduation this number ones already in the near future, depends primarily on teachers. Their strategies are different. Those wiser and more rugged ride through the corpses and a graduation theme each week, the less tolerable again for hours voluble on the subject „do not do it anyway“ and others simply does not solve the maturity exam.

What unites them is one thing, and it is certain as the approaching New Year's Eve: sooner or later you will need ** ** graduation questions or at least the areas from which you will draw your topic of conversation with the graduation committee. In the best case is already in your hands, if not, it's time to get it! This list should be your compass for the coming months. Because knowledge is indeed beautiful, but everything in moderation – why learn something that you need? Itself, but the list will not save you.

How to handle or leaving questions

Nothing like having a classmate of one active honest man who questions processed, podtrhá, printed and distributed to others. But let's face it, we are not in American film, or children's fairy tale. In our schools, miracles happen. On his own power but do not count. Use the full potential of the class of future graduates, ** ** Divide the topics put ** head, workbooks and textbooks together **, and then enjoy the rest saved time and money. ** ** The treasures are hidden under the beds and in attics ** older siblings and friends ** older siblings and friends. To kiss or maybe a beer with your ancestors by leaving your sweaty pages from the early years certainly like to share.

As you can see, even without a job can be a pie! To nezhořkla but their taste is still necessary to follow some good advice: In subjects such as the Czech language, history, geography, chemistry, biology … it is better to forget the good experience with the ** ** Internet resources, and the word „graduation“ or not enter into search engines. Just drop in a virtual ocean is a really good offer for your needs and applicable data. Every teacher wants to hear „what he is.“ He loves when your trying Premyslid, knowledge núbijských shamans in the fifth century BC. you save. And because even a perfectly prepared questions need not coincide with the demands of knowledge (mainly no illusions about the Czech education system!) Teachers may be your right information otherwise deemed meaningless drivel, or provocation. So think very well chosen textbooks, some look nice, but the exam will be valid as bald comb.

The situation is different in foreign languages. Although there are also worth listening often roztodivným appetites professors (one simply can not be number one in English, knowing the capital of Kentucky, else it will get a star with impassioned repetitions of the sentence „I really love America!“), But basically just talk about something or something completely different … It can really help web servers. Judge for yourself by visiting the archives' „: or“ „:"; ": http : / /, "“: …

And then?

For high school years probably already know how you learn best if the podtrhaných workbooks, curriculum, or just not move without the literal text … This is a hold and do not let anyone influence. Someone to teach high school diploma from the freshman, the other starts at „svaťáku“, leaving issues of someone preparing young spend the summer and another will not let them interfere. ** ** Odmaturují in most cases all.

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