Arts receive the latest applications for the next school year Added:19.11. 2005
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Arts receive the latest applications for the next school year

In less than two weeks expire entries for most art colleges. Most faculty are recruited at the end of November.

The art school has traditionally been a huge interest. Demand outstrips supply several schools. For example, the Faculty of Architecture at Brno University of Technology to report annually about 500 people. The admission procedure succeeds in Brno, about one in five. Col admission is therefore just a few. The situation is similar at the Faculty of Architecture of the Technical University in Liberec.

The courses offered by the Theatre Faculty of Janáček Academy of Performing Arts, an annual report about 650 students. Adopted but this year there will be about ninety.

By the end of November should send application, the applicants for such studies at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. According to the Ministry of Education in 2004 to music, theater and film and television faculty of this University have reported about 1,500 people. Adopted were the 176th Academy of Fine Arts in Prague this year, students undertake 45.

Source: CTK

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