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Work in New Zealand, Royal Lord of the Rings country Added:23.12. 2005
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Work in New Zealand, Royal Lord of the Rings country

Working holiday vízum usnadňuje pobyt a cestování u protinožců

If anyone in the world, there is an ideal location, it is New Zealand. Region, has attracted attention from the beautiful scenery of the famous film trilogy, not only offers untouched nature. The island of four million people is home to an advanced society with the British tradition. New Zealanders has a friendly feel and if you want a hotel, certainly will not let you on the street. Most of them work in agriculture, which offers many opportunities for foreigners to make money. You ask how you spend your holiday Down Under and you'll earn? Try a working holiday visa.

As the name implies, combines a working holiday visa to travel and work opportunities. It is intended for young Czechs aged 18–30 years. It represents a convenient alternative for travelers who want to discover new places while neutratit much money. Our fellow citizens can apply for a visa since March this year, the entry into force of the Agreement between New Zealand and the Czech side. From 1 July, the increased quota for 1000 people from the Czech Republic. What you need to meet to go to the above documents?

In addition to the aforementioned age restrictions and the usual formalities (passport, Czech citizenship, permanent residence in the CR, insurance policies) is necessary to arrange a return ticket to New Zealand, officials were confident that the island nezakotvíte permanently. The administration will also assess whether you have enough money to cover expenses during their stay. Herein lies probably the biggest drawback. You can not leave no money on my own. However, if you try to advance money you earn back in New Zealand. A visa valid for a maximum of one year. After this time had already exhausted the program again Working Holliday can not use. More information about the visa you „here.“: Http://­­­am/work/workin­gholiday/czechwhs­.htm

Bids for the New Zealand Brigade are many, but if you are looking for independent, you have a problem. Under the terms of a working holiday does not work for one employer for more than three months. It is better to turn to one of the many agencies that will work very quickly gets. New Zealand First agriculture offers decent paying jobs. You can collect grapes in one of the many vineyards, or to work on the plantation. Earnings vary on average between 12 to 15 New Zealand dollars per hour. This is the equivalent of about 200–260 CZK. Allow about twenty percent of taxes. Job growth rate generally can not compete in the Czech Republic, so be sure nepředřete.

In terms of touring New Zealand is a very interesting country. It contains high mountains, sandy beaches, nevyhaslé volcanoes, geysers, beautiful national parks, simply everything you imagine. Add to this the possibility of decent earnings, definitely what happen. If you are thinking about a long trip abroad to gain new experiences, go to New Zealand.

More information about Working Holliday visa and New Zealand:…i/index.php/

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