Play for € 150,000! Added:5.1. 2006
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Play for € 150,000!

Join Multimedia competition is a project that aims to seek and support the excellent and talented high school students. The ninth year was announced on the 15th December last year, when they were both winners of the previous year. The competition this time for students aged 12–19 years, the topics are: Education and Science, Earth and people and technology and innovation. Pupils in more than six-membered teams had to prepare and present the topic, all in English. The jury will evaluate the submitted projects selected as the severity of the problem itself and the ability to work with resources and information structure of the work, creativity, originality and imagination.

As in previous years, this year's most successful young scientists will be announced at an international gala event held in Munich, Siemens presented with prizes totaling already mentioned, 150 000. More information is available at…in/index.jet.

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