Czech Radio's young - Radio Wave Added:9.1. 2006
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Czech Radio's young - Radio Wave

Czech Radio is preparing a new station that will be targeted especially at young listeners. Radio Wave, as the new public service project called, begins broadcasting on the 13th January at 13:13. Listeners among teenagers wants to attract mainly broadcast music component. Among the presenters new radio stations will also musicians: vocalist Kay Buriánek Sunshine of the group, as singer, guitarist and keyboardist James Johánek formation of 100 ° C, the drummer of the band Clou Rae and Abd52 of formations and Street.

Officially presented to Radio Wave on Wednesday, 11 January at a press conference, which will complete the music DJ Maceo. As an editor at CRo 4 Radio Wave operates Mgr. Ladislav Lindner-Kylar, the dramaturgy of the old station Margaret Peskova. Will be broadcast over the Internet and also from the transmitter Cukrák, to 100.7 FM which until now used for Czech Radio Central Bohemia Region.

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