14th Year Prize Vavroušek Jan 2009 Added:23.6. 2009
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14th Year Prize Vavroušek Jan 2009

For the year 2009 as the Scientific Council of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University in Prague on 14th ** Year Award John Vavroušek **. The competition is open to students, graduate students and young researchers from Czech universities (about 35 years). Authors are invited to bachelor, master and doctoral thesis.

The work should deal with interdependence of nature, culture and human society. The theme for 2009 is: ** Human values ​​and development problems of civilization **. Possible areas of interest of authors of works may be issues of sustainability, the role of politics in human ecology, natural resource economics and impact of modern communications and education in creating cultural values.

Work can be sent to third ** 7th 2009 **. The total amount of reward the winners of this year is the 45th ** 000 CZK **. The work will be assessed by an expert jury. For details, see the „here“: http://www.fsv.cuni.cz/.

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