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Application for universities - filling bills Added:15.2. 2006
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Application for universities - filling bills

Completion of the bills to the application to a university is a traditional nightmare of all graduates. To save your nerves, we offer you a clear step by step instruction.

Completion of the bills to the application to a university is a traditional nightmare of all graduates. To save your nerves, we offer you a clear step by step instruction.

** Step One: Where can I get a slip, how much, what type you get? ** Slip from the post office to pick up a form is free. To send a payment for the entrance exams need a postal order (tj.složenku) type A. You better take a couple of reserve. When you want to slip at the post office to pay, count on the amount of 20 CZK for mediation services.

** Step Two: Completing the bills ** For our purposes we will be concerned only with the front portion of the bills. (Rear side ignore.) Consists of three parts. Far left is the control slip – proof of payment, which eventually connect to the application. Summarize the information contained in it around the form. The middle part of the bills list the address of the school (you can find her teaching in such a newspaper). Part belongs to the right information about your account, the amount that has to occur. Bottom right, then fill in your initials. Model completed bills, please type "http://www.cpos­­tal/media-type/ html / user / anon / page / default.psml / js_pane / products; jsessionid = d8f5440bAAADEi6 7tN5nuetX = IBetw? Show_title = 1 & ksid = 48 & docid = 359 & pgtyp = S. ":

** Step Three: Where confusion may occur? **

  • All slip Fill legibly using block letters, preferably blue or black pen.
  • The purpose of the payment type in the box to be „admission fee“ (if it does not fit, shorten the word „management“ to „bite.“).
  • Amount to be completed as close předtištěnému symbol „CZK“ or „h“, so there was nothing anyone could inscribe. To guarantee space in front of us, yet the amount inscribed horizontally barred.
  • In section „the words“ enter the words (this time writing letters) the full amount, without spaces. Thus, there often appears „five hundred“. The space around you, inscribed horizontally cross out words again.
  • Bank code number is listed after the slash on the account number. Eg. for the Czech Savings Bank is therefore 0800th
  • In teaching the newspaper or on the school website you will find the account number. If there included as variable or constant symbol, you must include the well is a pleat!
  • Variable symbol in the first part of the bills align right.

** ** A few tips As a rule one application – one slip. Unfortunately, therefore, can not send money for more applications through one slip, even if the two fields at the same university. Check slip before sticking the application copy and keep it carefully, just in case that the application is lost in the mail. The application itself send the letter – ie. that you must complete before sending Posting ticket. To get free at the post office or you can download it at: "Http://www.cpos­­tal/ media-type/html/user/a­non/page/defau­lt.psml/js_pa­ne/kestazeni; jsessionid = d8f5 440bAAAAAe + = yi1×nnXmo AoaLg. ": Http://www.vy­ For recommended applications sending payment 22Kč wait. But it's worth it – it's proof that you have sent everything on time.

I believe that with these instructions will fill the bills toy and break the neck!

Source: „www.ceskapos­“: Http://www.vy­

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