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Introducing: Part of the fifth - Faculty of Civil Engineering in Brno Added:16.2. 2006
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Introducing: Part of the fifth - Faculty of Civil Engineering in Brno

Would you build houses, bridges, dams, control works, develop new and better materials, and many others? Then definitely read the following articles and pierce into a little studio called FAST.

Would you build houses, bridges, dams, control works, develop new and better materials and much more? Then definitely read the following articles and pierce into a little studio called FAST.

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Studying at the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Brno is structured in the classic model of Bachelor – Master – Dr. Applications to study, if you report the high school (whose successful completion is a prerequisite for admission to university), submitting to a bachelor's degree, while at the same time choose study program. The specific areas within the programs to students rozřazují during the winter semester of second year of study.

For the academic year 2006 – 2007 Faculty offers the following programs: Architecture Building Construction and Civil Engineering (four-time bachelor's degree in civil engineering to the event and combined studies), three-year bachelor's pro­grams, Building and Geodesy and Cartography, fifth respectively. sixth option is a four-year Bachelor of Civil Engineering program (the program is designed for self-payers).

The three-year bachelor's program, copied the English model study practiced at building faculty, program one year longer then corresponds to the Central European experience (just as well, BUT Faculty of Architecture). Sympathetic to this division is that the students about the length of its decision only after three to four semesters of studies – the so-called common part – which is already at the school better and more zorientovaný knows or at least suspect, what would be wanted „to be great“ .

Other differences in regard to length of study are profiles of candidates – three-year program graduates choose more grammar schools, while the four-year study is reported mainly professionally oriented graduates of secondary schools. The first ones come with the ambitions of the shortest and nejvýživnějším study applied in construction activities on the lower and mid-level technical specialist positions, the latter then logically directed above.

Regarding admission, most students will probably FAST says that harder than getting them to school to keep it. Adepts claiming to be from secondary vocational schools (construction) tend to have stronger fundamentals and knowledge of descriptive geometry, which is at their schools – as opposed to grammar schools – mandatory. On the contrary, graduates of schools tend to have deeper knowledge in physics and mathematics. In the first two years are the hard disciplines taught – it is recommended that the study actually underestimate, because they are objects of type „vylejvacího“. To study at this school is definitely a need to study a typical scene throughout the semester – the more challenging of the semester's easier said then are the final exam. And if the student „stavárny“ you ask, how many pages that the test must „nadrtit“ will not tell you, although three or four digit number, but then adds that what will save the volume, then round up to the time spent on picking up (the author has understanding in mind, not transfer the substance to study materials such as „tahákového“) necessary substances.

Applications to all programs, with the exception of architecture of buildings (the term was 31 12th 2005) must be submitted by 31 3rd 2006th The big advantage is the possibility of sending an electronic application (fee only 400, – CZK)…hlaska.phtml, traditional paper applications are also possible, although about 150, – CZK more challenging. The school may also write the second round of the entrance, especially on restocking (the need to monitor Web sites where those terms appear later). It is good to read information about filing…rihlasky.asp here.

Admission test architecture consists of buildings both talent and technical (mathematics, descriptive geometry and professional debate). Currently, however, the current study only the remaining programs, where the entrance exam contains a written test in mathematics and physics, with demands ranging from high school curricula. For each test the candidate equal 60 minutes. On these pages you will find more content…zk-obsah.asp admission tests, the faculty on its Web site offers examples of past entrance tests. Tests will take place 5th – 9 6th 2006th

The „martyrdom“ admission will be excluded those lucky ones who attended high school with an average benefit to 1.50 and including GCSE in mathematics and / or physics were up for the 2nd Free admission to the faculty can get even more options – see…-terminy.asp.

Construction branch in Brno was the first branch at the Czech Technical University, which was founded in 1899 by Emperor Franz Joseph I.

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