15th Year of the Golden Amos started Added:16.10. 2007
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15th Year of the Golden Amos started

On Sunday 14 October was started on 15 annual poll of favorite teachers Czech Republic Golden Amos. The mission of inquiry is especially the popularization of teachers who, according to children and students contribute significantly to the formation of quality relationships between pupils and teachers (educators), children and their leaders. Primary and secondary school children and members of interest groups can propose their candidates.

The application shall be made in writing and must include:

  1. a brief description of the candidate or his photograph
  2. a brief description of one event with the candidate spent
  3. the signatures of 100 people who agree with the proposal (not necessarily just kids), small schools, just the signatures of at least half of all pupils. For small interest groups at least half of all members.
  4. The signature of the nominee
  5. address of applicant (student, class, etc.)

All candidates advance to the regional rounds. Of those evaluations will be based on the jury selected maximum of sixteen candidates advancing to the semifinals and then a maximum of six candidates who participate in the final.

Entries will be accepted until 31 December 2007. The regional round will take place in January and February 2008, the semifinals will be held in early March 2008 and the finals on Friday 28 3rd 2008th

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