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Shooting is a perfect relaxation, says student Luke Added:2.5. 2006
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Shooting is a perfect relaxation, says student Luke

Often the first to speak, and after thinking about what you said it. Then you hear his inimitable laugh and quickly condemn message: „That there do not write, for I would be fired.“ Luke, twenty student Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry, rarely bored.

Often the first to speak, and after thinking about what you said it. Then you hear his inimitable laugh and quickly condemn message: „That there do not write, for I would be fired.“ Luke, twenty student Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry, rarely bored.

It has lots of hobbies: riding like the water, leading a small puppy Brethren Church, bets anywhere and anything, his biggest pet but Tuťínek. So called his air rifle. „But most important is of course my girlfriend,“ he says solemnly. When talking about hobbies and tells stories, sometimes can not tell whether he was joking or telling the truth.

[Http://www.vy­­tem/data/1547/PIC­T0058.JPG * *] ** How is your relationship has developed to shoot? ** From childhood I was fascinated. My father lent air rifle, but I had long been his own – better / / (laughs) / /. It was my main hobby. But I was still a kid, so I did not have many options.

** What does it mean that you had so many choices? ** I was still underage, I could acquire weapons or use them.

** Many people perceive guns as a dangerous instrument, the shooting is afraid. What do you bring this hobby? ** It is the perfect relaxation. Do not see anything other than the target and sights. When I'm angry, instead of shooting quickly and targets see the face of a man who annoyed me. Killing is not too bad / / (smiles mischievously) / /.

** Where do you use my air rifle? ** With my Ťutínkem nothing proper to be done. But when financially vzchopím, buy a ball and shot a long gun, with which I'll go hunting.

** And what are you going hunting? ** That's the problem. I always need permission to hunt. But then everything offered.

** Studying Forest-Wood Technology MUAF. How did you decide on this school? ** To be honest, I was attracted weapons, so I thought the police academy or lesárně. I got to the other, but I found it on her unfortunately no weapons are not.

** I wonder, how can your passion for shooting govern hunter mission? ** You know how many murderers lesárně on animals? / / (Laughs) / / No, seriously, it's sad, but unfortunately it's true.

** What you need to get started shooting? ** Almost nothing, just a lot of money. If you want to buy a gun legally, you need a gun license. For his receipt must pass tests, which vary according to category of weapons. The weapons license may be five different categories: A – collecting weapons B – sports, C – hunting, D – for professional, E – for personal protection. But all are doing the test, practical test and have confirmation from a doctor. For Group C is also required hunting license.

" You meet a better girl "

** At the beginning of the conversation you are told that the gun was your main hobby. Why did not you used the past tense? ** Air has recently started to push my girlfriend. I even got an ultimatum. He can not stand this girl, she does not like. But it is true that he also occasionally zastřílí.

** How did you meet? ** I was drunk in the club I fell to the empty chair at their table. However, it was just an excuse, because I liked the whole evening.

** And what do you think she? ** Due to the fact that I had said at the first meeting, as I gassed 140 strašilek what some might say … I'm unique / / (laughter) / /.

** As it continued after the first meeting? ** We met regularly and often, but we started to walk up to a year and a half.

** It is interesting, a lot of guys would probably not last .** That's true, but I was confident that better meet a girl already.

Water and betting – hobbies "on the death "

** Do you have some strong experience from last time? ** I almost drowned in the water. We flipped on the weir and I stayed in the cylinder.

** What do you at that moment was thinking? ** I knew it could be my last moment and I thought it was unfair. That I have seen many things and I knew that there's nothing I can do. Three times I twirled the cylinder, but fortunately I was then spit out, but it was a terrible helplessness.

** And what happened next? ** I crawled to the shore and three minutes I rozdýchával and thanked God that I survived.

** Discouraged you from the additional water? ** Partly yes, more dams we then nesjížděli. / / (A moment to think about it.) / / But next time maybe I would go again.

** Do you have any other hobby? ** I love to bet. Everywhere, with kdekým, tried everything to win and usually / / (immediately bets with a friend at the table) / /.

** Told You bet you most like to remember? ** Definitely bet about my weight loss. There I was pretty bagged – fifteen bottles of hard liquor.

** What lay bet? ** In three months I had to lose thirty pounds. Of ninety-five pounds I had to get to eighty.

** Bet you won. How did you do it? ** The last three weeks I've ever eaten. I exaggerate – I put a dry bread roll a day. Then I collapsed outright. Because of my greed and I also voluptuousness into another bet that the day before I weigh weigh four pounds more. I used a trick – in the morning, just before the first weighing, I once drank four liters of water. It was quite ugly, but I gave it. However, I then burst catheter in the eye when I could not get a lecture on the toilet. The next day I had desired pounds and won both bets.

** How do you think young people should spend your student life in college? ** He should enjoy it, unless the prospect that it will be better. I have it.

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